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UNICAD offers high-performance rechargeable alkaline and lithium-ion battery technologies for your applications.



Unicad rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries feature an innovative technology for high-performance, superior quality and safety. NiCd batteries use a nickel oxide positive electrode, a cadmium compound negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide electrolyte.
Unicad Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are designed for high performance and can provide up to three times the capacity and energy density of its NiCd equivalent. NiMH batteries use a nickel oxide positive electrode, a hydrogen storage alloy in its negative electrode and an alkaline electrolyte. 
For the growing trend of lighter batteries with high energy density and higher voltage, Unicad rechargeable Lithium ion batteries provide the right solution. This 3.6 V battery uses lithium oxide positive electrode and carbon negative electrode.

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Overview of UNICAD Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

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